Why Choose AAA?

When your home is at risk, and your family faces a hoard of invasive insects that bite and spread diseases, why would you trust any other pest control business in this area? We have been fighting pests and other nasty rodents in neighborhoods across Greater Boston since 1936, and we are ready to make your business a source of pride again.

Make pest extermination a priority in your home or business by choosing a team of exterminators with the right tools for the job. Our professional affiliations and proven approach to removing the insects that threaten your future set us apart from the competition. Unlike other franchised pest control businesses, our team works with residential, commercial, and industrial clients. We provide every client we serve with personalized service.

Depending on the age of your structure and the surrounding landscape, you may face an entirely different set of threats than the person living across the street from you. Our decades of experience and advanced tools give us the ability to identify even the most obscure species affecting your home. When an emerging threat like bed bugs rears its ugly head, our pest control professionals are prepared.

Pest Extermination and Bug Elimination

Bugs, insects, and rodents pose a threat to the structure you own and the people who spend their day there. Our pest control technicians are all fully licensed and insured with the state of MA (#06933) and insured for your protection. We treat your home with the same level of respect we do our own, and our pest control professionals do everything they can to avoid disrupting the normal course of your business.

Protecting Everyone You Love

Whenever possible, we make every effort to use the lowest toxicity treatments available, protecting your friends, family and pets. Avoid exposing your children and pets to harsh chemicals and cleaners and get the results you need without delay. We make the needs of our customers the priority, and we take the time to listen. Our exterminators are equipped with chemical and non-chemical treatments, which can be used in various combinations whenever needed. We also offer organic solutions to your pest problems.

If you are faced with an infestation that is currently in-progress, our exterminators will work as quickly as possible to resolve it. When you move into a new home, it helps to have an exterminator capable of preventative treatments on your side. Instead of waiting for an infestation to fall into your lap, make the call to our team of exterminators. After a thorough inspection of your structure, we can recommend a series of treatments depending on your unique needs.

Contact us today to establish a partnership with our highly-regarded pest control business. We proudly serve many of the distinctive neighborhoods in the greater Boston area, including Hyde Park, Roslindale, Dorchester, and Roxbury in Massachusetts.