6 Tips for Proactive Commercial Pest Control in Boston This Spring

Spring is coming to Boston yet again, despite winter’s best efforts to stick around longer than necessary. One of the biggest issues that come with this change in seasons is pest control. Almost all of the pests that you deal with are seasonal, with the exception of those hardy critters that don’t go dormant during the winter months.

Although bed bugs are the “hot topic” in pest control right now, there are a number of different pests that you have to worry about in your commercial space. From ants to rats and everything in between, Boston is no stranger to pests. Once the winter thaw brings all of these creatures out of hiding, they have to go somewhere.

Getting a jump start on protecting your business can save you a lot of problems (and money) down the road!

Commercial Pest-Proofing Tips from the Pros

If you want to avoid pests in your commercial space, here are some helpful tips from professionals:

  1. Keep basements, crawl spaces, and storage areas dry, well-ventilated, and clear of clutter. Most pests like damp, dark, cluttered spaces for nesting or hiding.
  2. Dispose of garbage regularly and properly. Use sealed containers if you are in an area where pest problems may be imminent, or to further deter any kind of pest issues.
  3. Keep shrubbery, mulch, and tree branches away from the building. While landscaping might look good, it is a haven for pests and can be a bridge right into your business.
  4. Do a yearly inspection of the building exterior. Look for cracks, holes, damaged wood or fascia, and damaged or missing weatherstripping. The New England winter can be rough on a building, so take a few minutes once spring rolls around to make sure your building is all sealed up.
  5. Proper drainage is a must. Use gutters and diverts as needed to channel all the water away from your commercial building. This will protect the integrity of the building and discourage pests that are attracted to damp spaces.
  6. Clean all kitchens and eating areas regularly. Any place where crumbs and trash are found is a place where a pest can make themselves at home. Whether you hire a cleaning service or have your own staff do the work, you need to keep all food-related things clean in your business at all times.

These tips can help you stave off a variety of pests so that you don’t need a commercial pest control service in the first place. Of course, even the cleanest space in the newest building could still be susceptible to pests. There are so many factors that determine where pests choose to reside that you simply can’t cover them all. Plus, you might not even have control over some factors, so you have to take charge where you do.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Services

Because there is a zero-tolerance policy for pests in most commercial facilities, pest control is focused more on a process than a single pest remediation service. Schools, offices, food processing plants, and hospitals are examples of places where reactive pest control services may be too little, too late.

Working with a licensed pest control company will allow you to establish a sound pest control program for your commercial business. This will give you peace of mind that your business is protected from pests. It will also take the stress off of your plate and allow you to focus on the area of your business that needs your attention most: your customers!

Integrated Pest Management services focus on pest control from all angles:

  1. Pest-Proofing and Prevention: An exterminator will do an assessment of the commercial space and determine effective methods for preventing infestations. They may also make recommendations to assist with pest avoidance on a daily basis, such as securely disposing of garbage.
  2. Inspection and Treatment: After pests have been discovered, an exterminator will inspect the building to determine how severe the infestation is and what the appropriate course of treatment should be.
  3. Ongoing Control and Prevention: Regularly scheduled visits will allow your pest control professional to keep preventive methods in place and monitor the ongoing status of your pest problems (if they are already present).

This offers a more complete approach to dealing with pests, which is crucial in many commercial operations.

Partner with the Pros When Commercial Pest Control Services are Needed

As mentioned above, a commercial pest control company is a good tool to have in your business. Not only can they help identify and eliminate pest problems, but they can assist with prevention and ongoing maintenance, as part of the IPM approach discussed earlier.

An expert will come to your business and do a thorough inspection of the property, allowing them to identify potential threats and the best remediation efforts if pests are already present. They may suggest the tips mentioned above as a part of their preventive maintenance plan. They may also offer other solutions, such as installing non-attracting lights outside of your building to discourage pests that are attracted by light. They will help you identify the biggest threats to your business, based on a variety of factors. For example, while almost every office or commercial building will see an ant or two this spring, food processing facilities are more likely to find massive sugar ant infestations. Therefore, their pest management plan will be different than an auto manufacturing plant, where there are different materials present.

Find a Licensed Commercial Pest Control Provider in Boston Now

Prevention and exclusion are a good place to start when it comes to commercial pest control. However, you shouldn’t stop there. It is crucial that you work with a licensed commercial pest control provider in the Boston area that can help you create a lasting individual pest management plan, or IPM. This could include exclusion and prevention methods discussed here as well as regular inspections. Other services may be offered or provided, depending on what your business needs.

To get help creating your IPM, contact the professionals at AAA Exterminating Company! We’ve been serving the greater Boston area for decades, providing reputable pest control solutions for commercial and residential clients alike.