Bed Bug Control

Identifying and Removing Bed Bugs

As with any pest in your home, bed bugs are an alarming and irritating presence, and they are a hassle to get rid of. If you don’t perform the treatments correctly, the chances are high that another infestation is just a matter of time. Bed bug control is a major issue for Boston residents, and getting a professional to help identify and remove them from your home is essential.


There are a few ways that you can identify bed bugs in your home. You may be able to see them, but typically you will notice signs of them on your body first. Bed bugs eat blood and they come out at night while you are sleeping. You may start to notice a problem if you have a lot of bites when you wake up. Upon further examination, you may see the bugs themselves, their shed skins, or droppings. You may have to have a professional come out and help you look for these signs, as the bugs will hide as deep in your mattress as they can.

Removal Challenges

Bed bugs are difficult to eradicate once you have them, because there aren’t a lot of insecticides that can effectively kill the eggs. Therefore, you may think you solved the problem, but unless you treat again after the eggs hatch, there will soon be another problem. Some bed bugs are also resistant to the most common insecticides, causing a need for other methods of control. There are a few methods that a professional may utilize, such as heat and steam, cold, and fumigation.

Why Use a Professional

Although it’s common for people to try to treat bedbugs in their home without the use of a professional, it is advised to get someone to your home to create and carry out an effective treatment plan. These professionals make it their jobs to know about common pests and are more knowledgeable about them than you are. For example, a professional exterminator may know the average lifespan, the life cycles, and what kinds of treatments are the most effective for your problem. You want to find an exterminator to come to your home and inspect the problem so that they can formulate the best bed bug control method for the specific needs of your family.

Depending on your particular situation, there are a few solutions for eliminating the threat of bed bugs in your home. However, the most effective treatments require a professional application, making it even more reason to call someone with knowledge and experience. Once the first treatment is done, your exterminator can advise on when to schedule a second treatment to kill the juveniles that will hatch from the eggs that the extermination method may have missed. These multiple treatments help ensure that all of the life stages have been eradicated so that re-infestation does not occur. In the meantime, there are some preventative measures you can take to keep the infestation rates low.

Bed bug control can be a major concern in your family. Calling a Boston exterminator to guide you through proper bed beg removal can save you a lot of headache. AAA Exterminating Company provides complete bed bug control services for our customers. To get started, contact us at 800-439-6321 or connect with us online.