Bee and Wasp Control

AAA Exterminating Company has been doing Boston’s bee and wasp control dirty work since 1936. Today, however, with access to boundless information on the internet, the DIY trend has exploded, and consumers now have the option to take extermination matters into their own hands. Even when it’s a certifiable wasp infestation in Boston, performing a simple Google search encourages homeowners to try DIY extermination techniques to rid them of their pest problems. Unfortunately, these methods are not effective, and when you’re dealing with stinging insects like bees and wasps, it’s better to call the professionals.

Annoying Versus Dangerous

It’s true that not all insects are hazardous to you and your family—sometimes they’re just irritating. There are pests; however, that pose a far more serious threat than being a mere nuisance. Many carry disease, harmful bacteria, and parasites that can be transmitted to humans.

Other insects, such as bees and wasps, deliver painful stings proven to be fatal as many people have severe allergies. For many people, the only way they discover an allergy is by having a serious reaction after being stung.

Volumes of bee and wasp populations are found everywhere, including urban areas. Boston, for example, is home to over ten species of bees and wasps alone.

Common Misconceptions

Some homeowners are under the false understanding that extermination chemicals are more dangerous for their families than the infestation itself. But companies like AAA Exterminating Company use treatments with the lowest toxicity. AAA Exterminating Company even offers organic solutions to your bee or wasp pest problems.

Regardless of the treatment method used, it’s always better to eliminate a nest than it is to leave it to grow and for the insects to multiply. Ignoring the problem or hoping it will go away on its own is one of the biggest mistakes homeowners can make.

Too many homeowners have made the mistake of underestimating the power of flying, stinging insects. For example, in an attempt to cut costs, some people purchase insect spray from their general store thinking they can spray directly into the nest. Assuming the majority of the pests will die instantly, and any survivors will simply relocate elsewhere, it seems like an easy task. But spraying an insect nest infuriates the insects and incites them to attack. Furthermore, most pest sprays require a few minutes to get the job done—so before the insects die, they will swarm and sting their attacker.

Seek Professional Help for Your Bee and Wasp Problems

If you’re facing a bee or wasp infestation in Boston today, skip the DIY techniques and head straight for professional help with your problem. Call us at 800-439-6321 or connect with us online to book an appointment with our friendly and reliable team. We’ll assess your home and identify the type of stinging insects that you have. We will create an action plan that suits your unique situation. In addition to treating the infested areas, we will discover areas around your home that are vulnerable to future infestations and will educate you on how to prevent new bee and wasp problems on your property.