Mosquito Control in the Boston Area

Nothing can ruin a perfectly good evening like the buzzing drone of a single mosquito, let alone a swarm of them. Boston is currently ranked as number 19 of the top 50 cities with the biggest mosquito problem, increasing the likelihood that you will be affected by this pesky insect in the area. A rapidly spreading global problem, mosquitos are both unpleasant and dangerous. As culprits for carrying serious diseases, mosquito control is not a feat to be taken lightly.  For the most reliable pest control, you can count on the AAA Exterminating Company team of specialists. No matter what type of pest you have, we’ve got you covered.

What is the Risk?

Mosquitos are a threat due to their role as disease-carriers. Quite popular in the media, mosquitos are responsible for the spread of several viral diseases, the Zika virus being the most immediate global concern.  More specific to the Boston area is the West Nile virus. Since 2000, the virus has been detected every year between the months of June and November.

Some mosquitos can carry and transmit viral diseases which cause high fevers with joint pain and flu symptoms. All continents are now affected by these two species, and Boston is also on the risk radar map.

Integrated Pest Management

Given the threats, a pest control plan can keep you and your loved ones safe. According to the EPA,  the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach is most likely to show successful results. IPM allows for the integration of several methods to help control these pests, targeting mosquitoes at different stages of their life cycles. With AAA Exterminating Company, integrated methods are combined to control the larval stage and adult mosquito populations. Disposing of still water, using nets, and using repellents with active ingredients such as DEET, are methods that we can employ at your home.

When it comes to chemical control, appropriate larval control can include liquid larvicides products, tablets, pellets or granules. There are four classes of mosquito larva control:

  1. Species exposure which leads to adult mosquitos having trouble digesting food and ultimately dying
  2. Insect growth inhibitors which prevent larvae from maturing into adult mosquitoes
  3. Insecticides which affect nervous systems
  4. Other materials like oils and films which on the surface of the water cause larva and pupa to drown.

Adulticides will also be used for adult population control, dispensed by sprays which leave fine droplets suspended in the air which kill upon contact

Trust Our Professional Team

For the best methods of extermination, allow our team of pest specialists to evaluate the mosquitos in your area to determine the species, life cycles and potential resistance to particular types of pesticides. You can rest assured that with AAA Exterminating Company, we’ll take measures to target every life cycle of the mosquito using reliable and proven solutions. We want to protect you and your family and provide you with the most up to date resources and services for mosquito extermination in the Boston area. Call us at 800-439-6321 or connect with us online to begin your pest control solution today.