Our Detailed Pest Library

Get a better understanding of the threats posed by insects and other invasive intruders by reviewing our pest library. This comprehensive collection includes threats to your family’s health and the inventory at your business establishment. It is critical that you stay informed of the latest threats and the newest species that could be causing irreparable harm to your home and your favorite belongings.

Whether a pest enters your home on a breeze through an open window or by way of an unseen crack in your foundation, our team of pest control professionals is ready with a solution. Our understanding of the world of bugs and beetles must constantly evolve, as newer and more exotic varieties of pests find their way to our community on a daily basis. Read more about each of these insects, and learn how to prevent future infestations with our proven approach to pest control.


One of the most common infestations that a homeowner may face involves these tiny scavengers that work in support of their queen. Identifying the species of ant you have in your home or business is an important part of the mitigation process. Carpenter ants and pavement ants could prove a serious risk to your business, and red imported fire ants and Pharaoh ants pose a health risk to your family.

Bed Bugs

For years, it was believed that the threat of an infestation of bed bugs was a problem of the past. But our increasingly interconnected world has brought these unwanted travelers back to our shores. If you wake to find a line of small bites on your legs or arms, you could have thousands of bed bugs living in your mattress. Our team is prepared with a series of treatments that go beyond the standard pesticides used by others.

Bees and Wasps

These flying threats can disrupt your daily life and cause serious allergic reactions when they sting a member of your family. Eliminating these insects on your own could put you at an increased risk of injury as well. Our exterminators have the tools and experience needed to find and destroy their hidden nests. Eliminate the source of the infestation and keep your family safe from stings.


As harmless as beetles may seem to your physical person, they can wreak havoc on the wood framing of your home and any fruit trees in your surrounding landscape. The Colorado potato beetle and the Western Corn Rootworm may consume everything in your garden before you know it. Simple sprays are incapable of eliminating certain forms of wood boring beetles, so it helps to have a professional with the right tools for the job.


Any centipedes in your home or surrounding landscape are not a serious health risk to humans, but they can damage the roots of your surrounding vegetation. Millipedes and centipedes may act as a controlling factor for other pests, so it helps to have a knowledgeable pest control professional in your corner.


The preeminent survivors of nature, cockroaches spread quickly and adapt to their environment with ease. You may be facing an infestation of the German, American, Asian, or Oriental varieties. The site of just one of these horrid creatures is enough to change anyone’s impression of your home. An infestation of cockroaches may also end your eating establishment’s time in business. Before these creatures are allowed to set up shop in your kitchen, hire an exterminator who knows them better than anyone.


Keep your home clean and your food free of disease with our treatments for flies. There are more than 240,000 different varieties of flies in the world, including gnats and the ubiquitous housefly. You need a pest control professional capable of killing not only the adult flies, but the eggs and larvae as well.


Mosquitos are more than just a summertime annoyance with the rapid spread of serious new diseases like Zika. If you live near a standing body of water, you need a pest control professional with the right approach to fighting these bloodsucking terrors. These pests are responsible for more human deaths than any other insect, so start taking them seriously.


Food-eating and fabric-eating moths are a threat to your way of life. A fabric eating moth can destroy your inventory, and the female Indian Meal Moth can lay up to 300 eggs in your home at one time. If you open up your closet and find your favorite jacket in tatters, the time may be right to hire a proven pest control professional.


Any animal that has continually-growing incisors that they must gnaw in order to keep serviceable is considered a rodent. These intrusive rats, mice, and squirrels can lead to serious physical damage at your home or business. A chewed electrical wire can lead to a devastating house fire, so start taking these furry invaders seriously. Hire an experienced professional that understands how to catch and remove a diseased rat or rodent right away.


As effective as spiders are at minimizing the populations of other harmful insects, certain species can be seriously dangerous to your own health. A bite from a brown recluse or black widow could lead to the need for hospitalization. Before you attempt to remove either of these dangerous spiders, contact a pest control professional with the right tools.


Termites can often be confused with other swarming insects like flying ants; this confusion can often lead to serious consequences for your home. Termites are attracted to warm and moist wood, which is their primary food source. Before you put your home on the market for sale, have it inspected by a trained exterminator. We can help you to eliminate any sources of food, and locate the colony for destruction.


Ticks lay thousands of eggs at a time after feasting on the blood of their host. They come in hard and soft varieties and carry a number of devastating diseases, including Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. These parasites are most prevalent in the summer months and are able to survive up to a year without feeding.

Contact us today to find out if the insect or other creature invading your space is a part of our pest library. We proudly serve many of the distinctive neighborhoods in the greater Boston area, including Hyde Park, Roslindale, Dorchester, and Roxbury in Massachusetts.