Why You Need to Trust Professionals for Termite Control

Termite control in Boston is a complicated business. The experts at AAA Exterminating Company have the skills needed to complete the job successfully. Since there are many aspects to termite control, this is a job better left to professionals. Do-it-yourself termite control is not recommended for several reasons:

Chemicals and Pesticides are Regulated

Chemicals and pesticides are not available to homeowners wanting to get rid of termites, and the regulations are especially stringent in Boston. Termite control specialists must be licensed and educated in the correct use of the pesticides and chemicals. In fact, the guidelines are strict enough that only licensed professional may buy the proper chemicals.

Complicated Treatments Should be Applied by Professionals

There are two types of treatments for getting rid of termites. The first is a chemical barrier which is injected into the soil around the house and underneath the lowest point in the house. That point could be the slab or the basement, depending on what type of home you own.

The second type of treatment is a baiting system. The traps are baited with an insect growth regulator. This is taken back to the colony where it disrupts the molting process of young termites. They don’t live to see adulthood, and the adults eventually die off, starving the colony.

You Have a Large Volume of Termites

The average homeowner doesn’t have the capacity to store the amount of termite control chemicals nor do they possess a delivery system to apply the required amount to their home properly. Handling the broad scope of a termite infestation requires professional knowledge and skill.

Boston Regulates Who Can Use Termite Treatments

In Boston, only professionals are permitted to spray termite-control chemicals. Not only can homeowners not purchase the pesticides, but they are prohibited from using them, and there are fines that can be levied. The job of getting rid of termites could end up costing the homeowner more than having the work done by a professional.

Boston Has Rules About When to Spray

Boston has clearly outlined regulations on when to spray pesticides, creating another obstacle for the homeowner wishing to get rid of termites. A professional has this knowledge and can comply with the law for the safety of those involved.

Professionals are Certified by the City

To get a license to spray pesticides, a person must register with the city of Boston and must pass a certification exam to certify that they know the proper use and disposal of the chemicals they will be using.

The knowledge and expertise gained by being a professional exterminator are out of reach for the average homeowner. The chemicals are off-limits regarding the purchase and use for anyone who isn’t licensed to handle them, making termite control a job best left to the Boston experts. AAA Exterminating Company has decades of experience treating termites in the Boston area. Call us at 800-439-6321 or connect with us online to learn more about our services, to book a consultation, and to begin termite control treatments on your home today.